Our Companies

Blue Wolf leverages the combined service capabilities of our operating subsidiaries

Aqua Drill International

Aqua Drill is a technology driven, industrial cleaning service provider offering specialized cleaning solutions. Aqua Drill’s proprietary technologies are developed and designed in-house and provide effective, environmentally friendly methods to maintain and improve critical asset life, minimize down time, restore production capacity, and prepare new assets for installation. Using high-pressure fluids without any abrasive or chemical additives, Aqua Drill delivers industry-leading cleaning results to petrochemical, refining and industrial engineering companies worldwide.

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Hennigan Energy Services Group

Hennigan Engineering provides a diverse range of industrial cleaning services to the utility, nuclear, petrochemical, industrial and municipal industries across the United States. The company prides itself on providing innovative solutions and skilled personnel necessary to solve complex cleaning projects. Hennigan utilizes custom-designed equipment to administer hydroblasting, tube cleaning, inspection and water intrusion services that prevent and alleviate issues at its clients’ facilities.

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Hydrocarbon Filtration

Hydrocarbon Filtration designs and manufactures the latest in cutting edge oil filtration systems, vacuum dehydration units, varnish absorption systems, and hydraulic oil reclamation equipment. They specialize in the filtration, cleaning, and reclamation of hydrocarbon-based fluids such as turbine lube oil, hydraulic oil, engine oil, gear oil, light & heavy fuel oils, fire retardant hydraulic fluids, dielectric – transformer fluids, heat transfer fluids, gasoline, solvents, and many fluid chemicals.

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NHE Services

National Heat Exchange Cleaning Corporation provides heat exchanger and cooler cleaning services as well as retubing, epoxy coating, and maintenance services to a wide array of industries including the power, petrochemical, food and beverage, and data center industries. The company serves its customers both in the field and at its Youngstown, OH and Phoenix, AZ facilities.

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Reliable Industrial Group (RIG)

RIG performs technically advanced, highly specialized industrial pre-commission cleaning engineering, lube oil flushing, chemical cleaning, varnish mitigation, steam and air blowing, hydro testing, line drying, and other emergency decontamination services to guarantee system cleanliness on critical turbine, compressor, and hydraulic systems in North America. RIG serves customers across the power, petrochemical, refining, infrastructure, and industrial manufacturing end-markets.

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