Steel Dynamics – Vacuum Dehydration

Blue Wolf provided portable vacuum dehydration equipment for side stream water and particulate removal from central lubrication systems. BW’s unit was utilized for contamination control (without experiencing any down time) of multiple systems over a 3-month period.  Blue Wolf’s fleet of dehydrators and filtration equipment are ready to roll to your site today.

Low & Bonar – Emergency Flush

Blue Wolf was called into an emergency situation to help Low & Bonar back into production. In February 2020 L&B’s filteco hot oil systems piping became blocked with oxidized heat transfer fluid. BW utilized a high temperature synthetic flushing fluid to clean the oxidized, thermally degraded contaminated fluid. The same unit was then used to filter replacement heat transfer fluid, allowing the plant to get running again.

Jaguar – Power Station Turnaround

Jaguar contacted Blue Wolf Performance Solutions about performing maintenance and turnaround services on two blocks of coal fired boilers including: impulse blows, chemical cleaning of the boilers, and hydrolazing on steam, CCW, BFW, and condensate piping.