A Blue Wolf Contractor Performs Industrial Varnish Removal on Piping

Data Driven Maintenance & Superior Results

Reliability & Maintenance Services

Including Industrial Pipe Cleaning, Heat Exchanger Cleaning, Lube Oil Flushing, Vacuum Cleaning, Industrial Varnish Removal, and More.

Blue Wolf is the partner you can rely on to improve performance, extend equipment life, and prevent downtime with our data- driven industrial reliability services, including:

Hydroblasting & Aquamilling
For removing stubborn contaminates, improving flow and reducing system contamination in pipes, tanks, and vessels.

Lube Oil Flushing & Industrial Varnish Removal
Extend the life of your turbines, engines and other industrial equipment by keeping contaminant levels below ISO recommendations in your lubricants.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning
Restore and maintain maximum operating efficiency for condensers and heat exchangers. Services include fin fan cleaning, plate & frame cleaning, condenser tube cleaning, and EMBC/Shell side cleaning.

Vacuum Cleaning
Collect and dispose of unwanted by-products using non-destructive vacuum excavation/soft digging using mobile trucks equipped with power-driven, heavy duty displacement blowers.

Aqueduct / Penstock Cleaning
Improve performance with precision cleaning regardless of the pipe diameter, water ducts, etc. and without the need for personnel inside pipelines.

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Proprietary Technologies for Superior Results

Blue Wolf Performance Solutions has patented, unique approaches to aquamilling, high velocity hot oil flushing, heat exchanger cleaning, vacuum cleaning, industrial varnish removal, industrial pipe cleaning and more. These technologies offer safer, more effective approaches to removing rust, dirt, varnish and more and have been developed over many years of experience by our internal engineering teams.

Enclosed Mobile Bundle Cleaner (EMBC) for Heat Exchanger Cleaning

This unit uses high volume flow (up to 1,500 gpm) of cleaning agent in an enclosed machine. The jets, coupled with the constant rotation of the bundle, provide constant contact with the cleaning agent down both sides.

Robotic Aqua Rover for Industrial Pipe Cleaning

Robotic high-pressure cleaning system that removes coatings, corrosion, concrete liners and hard scale or mill-scale deposits from large-diameter piping  (3 ft to 17 ft diameter)

360 Tank TotalScrub System

BW’s Tank TotalScrub System sprays oil in a 360 rotation, allowing the run-down tank interior to be simultaneously “washed” with the flushing oil.

Hands-Free Aqua Milling

Removes and transports extremely hard scale “hands-off” and succeeds where other hose rotating cleaning systems fail or require significantly longer cleaning times

Get to Know How We Operate: Recent Case Studies

‘Uncleanable’ Heat Exchanger Bundle Saved by EMBC Tech

A large heat exchanger bundle at an asphalt plant had been idle for four months with hardened residue that other contractors could not remove with hydroblasting. In six hours, Blue Wolf’s EMBC bundle cleaning technology fully cleaned and tested the unit, returning the heat exchanger to maximum efficiency.

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Online Liquid-Lancing Technology Prevents $18 Million Shutdown

Hydrate ice on a plate heat exchanger was creating unwanted resistance and a pressure drop, impacting ethylene production. Blue Wolf was able to melt the ice under live conditions – avoiding shutdown – using our proprietary Liquid-Injection-Lancer (LNL). This saved the facility an estimated $18 million in avoided shutdown.

A picture of the first page of a case study about industrial pipe cleaning services