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Protect Critical Components from the Start

Pre-commissioning Services

Including Chemical Cleaning Services, Steam Blowing Services, Air Blowing Precommissioning and More.

Protect critical components, ensure a smooth startup, and keep critical path timelines on schedule with our precommissioning services, which include:

Airblow Cleaning
Ensure no construction debris or contaminants will damage, block, or foul valves, equipment, and critical components.

Steamblow Cleaning
Remove rust, dirt, mill scale, and construction debris before startup in boilers, turbines, pipelines, superheaters, and other equipment.

Chemical Cleaning
Remove unwanted contaminants, reduce system downtime, eliminate unnecessary flushes and improve system performance by removing oxides, mill scale, varnish, mineral deposits and oils.

ITP Inspection & Testing
Predict and prevent downtime with proper testing and monitoring of pressure, piping integrity, leaks, varnish, and contaminate levels.

a plant being built with precomission services including chemical cleaning, steam blowing, and air blowing services
construction of chemical plant industry in sunset time

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Proprietary Technologies for Superior Results

Blue Wolf Performance Solutions has patented, unique approaches to aquamilling, high velocity hot oil flushing, heat exchanger cleaning and more. These technologies offer safer, more effective approaches to removing rust, dirt, varnish and more and have been developed over many years of experience by our internal engineering teams.

Robotic Aqua Rover

Robotic high-pressure cleaning system that removes coatings, corrosion, concrete liners and hard scale or mill-scale deposits from large-diameter piping  (3 ft to 17 ft diameter)

High Powered Aqua Lancer

High pressure jet cleaning of fully or partially plugged tubes from large to extremely small tube diameters (3/8 in to 4 in diameter)

Supersonic Aqua Ex

High powered cleaning jets permits trained operators to direct a variety of stationary or externally driven and spinning supersonic water jets into any direction.

Robotic Tank Spider

Robotic, remote cleaning of interior vessels, tanks & reactors (3 ft to 30 ft diameter).