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For removing stubborn contaminates, improving flow and reducing system contamination in pipes, tanks, and vessels.

Lube Oil Flushing

Extend the life of your turbines, engines and other industrial equipment by keeping contaminant levels below ISO recommendations in your lubricants.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Restore and maintain maximum operating efficiency for condensers and heat exchangers. Services include fin fan cleaning, plate & frame cleaning, condenser tube cleaning, and EMBC/Shell side cleaning.

Vacuum Cleaning

Collect and dispose of unwanted by-products using non-destructive vacuum excavation/soft digging using mobile trucks equipped with power-driven, heavy duty displacement blowers.

Aqueduct / Penstock Cleaning

Improve performance with precision cleaning regardless of the pipe diameter, water ducts, etc. and without the need for personnel inside pipelines.


For removing stubborn contaminates, improving flow and reducing system contamination in pipes, tanks, and vessels.

Airblow Cleaning

Ensure no construction debris or contaminants will damage, block, or foul valves, equipment, and critical components.

Steamblow Cleaning

Remove rust, dirt, mill scale, and construction debris before startup in boilers, turbines, pipelines, superheaters, and other equipment.

Chemical Cleaning

Remove unwanted contaminants, reduce system downtime, eliminate unnecessary flushes and improve system performance by removing oxides, mill scale, varnish, mineral deposits and oils.

ITP Inspection & Testing

Predict and prevent downtime with proper testing and monitoring of pressure, piping integrity, leaks, varnish, and contaminate levels.

Water Intrusion Control & Concrete Repair

Proven approach to repair with proprietary epoxies, micro-cements, and high-performance urethane grouts engineered to mitigate the effects of problematic water intrusion conditions.

Surface Preparation

Water jetting and abrasive blast techniques with specialized equipment to remove product build-up, dirt, oil, corrosion scale, and failed coatings down to the substrate.

Coating Application & Removal

Apply new coatings or recommended coating systems for steel and concrete surfaces. Can be combined with surface preparation services for excellent results.

Hydrodemolition & Concrete Preparation

Remove deteriorated concrete safely and cost-effectively while leaving sound concrete with a rough profile, perfect for bonding the newly poured overlay.

Consulting & Reporting

Faced with a particularly unique, challenging and complex problem? We can design and implement custom solutions, technical reports, or act as a consultant.

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Embedded Technician Program

Our service strategy at Blue Wolf includes an Embedded Technician Program that places local plant technicians inside customer facilities to maintain equipment, recommend service schedules, and execute pre-commissioning and plant reliability service programs. Local technicians are trained through our program and on the specific customer site culture and practices and perform regular maintenance and turnaround consulting.

This program allows us to maintain a customer focus and price point well below sporadic contract labor and increase efficiencies with accumulated site knowledge.

Trusted & Reliable Turnaround Contractors

Providing Outstanding Support for Critical Path Projects During Turnaround Services

Blue Wolf is one of the top turnaround contractors we have ever worked with in terms of excellence of service and value, which is why we formally recognized their efforts as a top contractor this year for our power projects.

International EPC

Power Station Manager

Blue Wolf has been very professional from the very first phone conversation through project completion. They spent a good deal of time answering my questions and explaining their process without ever pressuring me into purchasing services I did not require. They arrived fully prepared and performed their service with minimal disruption. I will not hesitate to use Blue Wolf again in the future.

Power Generation Company

Project Manager

Blue Wolf’s pre-engineering and steam blow services were key for the startup of our new coal-fired boilers.  The pre-engineering and detailed procedures submitted prior to the actual work ensured that the multi-million pound-per-hour steam blows were successfully completed in ten days instead of the months it would have taken going the conventional route.

International Chemical Plant

Engineering Manager

I greatly appreciate the work they accomplished on my job site. They were on time, professional, diligent, and most of all, effective. 

National Contractor

Job Coordinator

Outstanding job to your team! Very thorough with great documentation. We’ve used other companies in the past, but Blue Wolf surpassed them in quality and communication! I will pass along, to the other divisions, your quality and dedication

Global Steel Producer

Maintenance Manager

The Blue Wolf team have made the power generation equipment start-up process more efficient, substantially reducing the critical path worries on our tight timelines. Their approach is to help our customers pre-plan for the upcoming activities in order to minimize delays and keep the project on schedule.

Global EPC Contractor

Project Manager