Kinross Gold – Undercarriage Critical Maintenance

A routine inspection by an embedded technician service provided by Blue Wolf, multiple critical issues were found on two Caterpillar shovels that would have caused extensive undercarriage damage and endangered shovel operators in the near future. By finding and resolving these issues, the technician was able to save the mine operator over $450,000 in estimated repairs.

Nevada Gold Mines – Shovel Inspection & Maintenance

Blue Wolf has an embedded shovel inspector program that performs inspections at client sites.

A recent inspection of two Caterpillar electrical shovels revealed multiple maintenance concerns that, if left unaddressed, would leave the shovels vulnerable to breakdown. Most importantly, a housing flooded with grease and oil was discovered. This poses a serious fire risk and needed to be addressed immediately.

By addressing these maintenance issues up-front, an estimated $1,980,000 in damages was prevented. This does not include the prevention of a major fire, which could have resulted in a total shovel loss and loss of life.

First Quantum Minerals

Blue Wolf was contacted to perform a suite of services including on two blocks of coal fired boilers. These services included chemical cleaning of the boilers, fuel oil piping and condensers, hydrolazing on steam, CCW, BFW and condensate piping. This project also included oil flushing of 2 SKODA STG’s and impulse steam blows.