Valero – HRSG chemical cleaning

The Blue Wolf Performance team was contracted to perform a citric acid cleaning of the HRSG and additional services including: gas line air blow to the duct burners and CT oil flushing of the CT and Kobelco compressor. BW also performed steam blows to the header.

Inter Pipeline Company – IPL Heartland Project

Blue Wolf’s Team was contracted by Inter Pipeline Company to utilize Aqua Milling® to clean an estimated 68,000 feet of assorted critical steam and process lines in leu of Chemical cleaning. By using the Aqua Milling® process thousands of gallons of chemical hazardous waste were eliminated from the project and the superior cleaning quality reduced the targeted steam blows by 70 percent.

The highly specialized Aqua Milling® process reduced the original chemical cleaning schedule from 9 months to 6 months. This reduction of 3 months in the cleaning schedule saved the Client an estimated 11,000-man hours and direct support equipment cost. This is a direct project savings of over $3 million with zero environmental impact and no loss time safety incidents.

Sasol – Ethylene Cracker Quench System

Blue Wolf was contracted to clean Sasol’s Ethylene Cracker Quench Tower Boot and Settler utilizing the Blue Wolf’s PIO (Pipe in Operation) Online Cleaning Technology during the chemical cleaning rumbling process.  Blue Wolf’s engineering team developed a cleaning system that eliminated high-risk man entry into the settler.  Blue Wolf was able to remove approximately 220,000 pounds of coke material and significantly reduce the client’s outage time.